Urologists typically promote their specialty.

Urologists typically promote what they specialize in which is most often, surgery. We've learned that some don't fully explain the nature and degree of side effects from surgery including impotence, incontinence, strictures, etc.

Also, surgery doesn't remove microscopic cancer – which is invisible to the naked eye – in the tissue, or margins around the prostate. Even with early stage prostate cancer, there can be cancerous cells in the margins (see the Partin Tables). Proton therapy targets not only the prostate, but also the tissue around the prostate killing any cancer that may be in the margins.

Are there urologists near me that are knowledgeable about proton therapy?

Over the years we've collected information from our members as they've completed treatment and went on to search for urologists that are knowledgeable and support proton therapy as a viable treatment option. These doctors appreciate the fact that patients have done their homework, moved forward with a treatment based on their research and comfort level, and are doing well after treatment. Some have gone as far as to research proton therapy personally. 

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