We are 10,000 prostate cancer survivors, all treated with proton therapy.
You can beat prostate cancer. The Brotherhood of the Balloon can help.

The only criteria for membership is having been diagnosed with prostate cancer and choosing proton treatment.

Do you have questions about proton therapy or would you like to speak with former proton patients?



The Advantages of Proton Therapy

  • Unlike traditional radiotherapy treatment, proton radiation is directed to the tumor with pinpoint accuracy resulting in less damage to surrounding healthy organs and tissue.
  • With proton, doctors have the ability to deliver a higher dose of radiation to the tumor – and the higher the radiation dose, the better the chance of destroying all the cancer.
  • Treatment is non-invasive and painless.
  • Treatment is provided in an outpatient setting – patients can schedule treatment early in the morning and have the rest of the day to work or play.
  • There is usually no impact on a patient's energy level and no recovery time.
  • Significantly lower chances of secondary cancers later in life.
  • Overall, there are fewer, if any, side effects compared to other treatment options.


Proton Therapy Patient Surveys

2014 Survey: Nearly 4,000 former proton patients representing 12 proton centers responded. View key findings. Read the press release. Read the complete report
2013 Survey: Nearly 2,000 former proton patients responded. Read the press release. Read the executive summary.

Dig deeper into the results.

The Book You Need to Read

BOB founder Bob Marckini has written a book that removes much of the mystery, confusion, and fear about what to do when you are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Speaking from personal experience as a "graduate" of the Loma Linda University Cancer Center proton treatment program in 2000, he makes a strong case for considering proton therapy as a viable option for avoiding radical surgery and other treatment options that typically cause debilitating side effects. 

The second edition of You Can Beat Prostate Cancer: And You Don't Need Surgery to Do It is available.

What's New

  • Latest prostate cancer diagnostic technology;
  • “The great PSA testing controversy:” Analysis, compelling evidence, conclusions and recommendations;
  • Expanded discussion on pros and cons of all prostate cancer treatment options with emphasis on disease-free survival and side effects;
  • Latest developments in proton therapy technology, clinical research showing the superiority of proton therapy;
  • Recent research comparing proton to IMRT;
  • Health insurance challenges and reasons for optimism; 
  • 24 testimonials written by former proton patients representing most  of the U.S. proton centers
  • Review of multiple, independent, comprehensive patient surveys showing overwhelming patient satisfaction with proton therapy  with patient-reported results on disease-free survival and toxicity;
  • A review of PARTIQoL and COMPPARE clinical trials;
  • Impact of diet and lifestyle on prostate cancer prevention  and recurrence;
  • Major revisions to the chapter on “The Ten Steps to Taking Control  of the Detection and Treatment of Your Prostate Cancer;”

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Patient Video Testimonials

Why choose proton therapy? Watch five real patients; hear five real stories.  

Ten Year Proton Study

Loma Linda University Cancer Center analyzed results of proton therapy for localized prostate cancer, with emphasis on biochemical freedom from relapse.

Introduction to Proton Therapy

What is the treatment process really like? How does proton compare to other treatment options? What is the cure rate? What are the side effects?

Dig Deeper into Proton Therapy

Learn the physics. Learn about the equipment used in proton therapy delivery. Search for clinical trials. Learn about proton therapy for pediatric cancers.

The National Association for Proton Therapy

NAPT is registered as an independent, non-profit, public benefit corporation providing education and awareness for the public, professional and governmental communities. Founded in 1990, it promotes the therapeutic benefits of proton therapy for cancer treatment in the U.S. and abroad.

Proton Therapy Online Magazine

Proton Therapy Today is an editorial website which gathers serious, trustworthy stories and information about the world of proton therapy.

The COMPPARE Trial: Proton vs. IMRT for Prostate Cancer

This clinical trial will compare the quality of life, side effects, and cure rates for prostate cancer patients treated with proton therapy or photon therapy.

BOB Blog

Jim Tuggey was treated with proton therapy for his prostate cancer in 1999. He started this blog to help others learn about the treatment from a patient's perspective. After his passing (unrelated to prostate cancer), his nephew handed the blog over to us. We're honored to keep it going.