Treated 1999 • Posted 2000 

“I can't even begin to say how great every one at Loma Linda is from the top to the bottom. You have to experience it for yourself – words just can not do them justice.” 

I had my first PSA test in May of 98. The vets hospital came to town and was doing what they called blood imaging.They took 3 vials of blood and a whole series of test from the 3 vials. They sent me a letter saying I needed to see a specialist, that my PSA was 13.5. Ok now time to make an appointment with a Dr. I knew. Went through some antibiotics that made me sick. Well we better do a biopsy. He did it different from most that you hear about. I was put out and I guess laid on my back and strapped in. Went in between the legs with one needle and through that needle took 12 biopsies of the prostate.

"You have cancer we will set you up for a bone scan and cat scan this is a higher number then we like to see PSA. 13.5 Gleason 3+3. Bone scan fine cat scan fine no problem, spreading of the cancer not likely." Ok Doc now what do I do and what choices do I have ?? "Here is what we have, if you chose surgery I give you 20 years if you chose radiation I'll give you 5 years. If you would like another opinion you can see any one you wish and you can take the test results with you." Ok Doc how long do I have to make up my mind before something needs to be done. "Its not something that has to be done right now but I wouldn't put it off to long. Ok a couple of months. I did go and talk to another Dr. and he talked surgery, seed implants, and ice balls, freezing the cancer cells. I also started searching on the internet. I copied articles from all over the world. Every night I was searching for some answer better then the ones I had. One evening after 2 to 3 weeks of searching an article about bloodless surgery came on my screen by Barbara Walters At Loma Linda, Ca. I had a meeting a few days later and after the meeting we were talking about cancer and I had seen the article from Loma Linda. "Oh yes I know two fellows that were treated there," one member said. He gave me their names and I talked to them. One man gave me a number to call in Washington state. This man sent me a whole bunch of info and we talked quite a while on the phone. The praise they gave LLUMC and staff was almost unbelievable, try it and you too will believe.

I then went back to the second Dr. and was going to have surgery. I wanted to find out what I had to do to get ready for surgery. We finished our talk and he was leaving the room and I HAD ONE MORE QUESTION, WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT LOMA LINDA?? HE SAID IF YOUR THINKING ABOUT THAT NO MORE POINT TAKING TO YOU AND WALKED OUT THE ROOM. THAT WAS MY ANSWER. Loma Linda here I come if you will have me.

I started on Casodex the middle of Oct.98,and the end of Oct.98 I had my first 3 month shot of lupron. The first week Jan. 99 2nd.shot. Had my first visit with my doctor and his nurse. Made the pod the same week but had to wait to start treatment until the very end of Jan. I had 11 proton 27 photon. finished the 27th of March.99. took one more shot of lupron when I got home and was on Casodex a total of 9 months.

4/26/02 PSA 0.52

I can't even begin to say how great every one at Loma Linda is from the top to the bottom. You have to experience it for yourself - words just can not do them justice. Thank you Bob, and thank Cal for the great job he is doing with the reports every week. It is so great to know so many people are having such good results and the word is getting around about what a great job LLUMC is doing.