Treated – 2004 • Posted – 2006

Terry had PSA 55, Gleason 9. Today his PSA is non-detectable.

Following is a note Terry sent to new patients (Newbies) and recently treated patients (Graduates) at Loma Linda:

“Dear all, I'm very happy that all is going well with the proton grads and newbies. We have all been blessed by God in finding the good people at LLUMC. As for me, in March 2004, I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. My PSA was 55.4 (no, that's not a typo), and my Gleason was 9 across the board. At that time my urologist put me on Lupron and referred me to Loma Linda.

I was accepted for treatment in August 2004 and graduated in October 2004. I was co-founder of the M.O.B. (Men of the balloon) Tuesday night cookouts at Centrepoint, and met and befriended many good men, and still stay in contact with several of them.

My protocol with the hormone treatment (Lupron) expires in December of this year. At the present time my PSA reading is 0.022 with the size of my prostate at 15cm (normal is 20cm). My urologist tells me that the result, thus far, is miraculous - I agree.

I have since referred two other men from El Paso to LLUMC and they both returned home and are leading a normal life again. My wish is that this testimonial will communicate to other men afflicted with advanced stages of prostate cancer that there is HOPE at LLUMC.

Proton treatment, combined with prayer, is the only way to go.”

Terry Scott
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