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Like many of our members, Steve's initial treatment for prostate cancer was surgery. When his cancer returned, he chose proton therapy for salvage treatment.

Following is an email sent to me by Steven Hodgdon, a former surgery patient whose cancer had returned. He chose proton therapy at Loma Linda for salvage treatment.

"Hello Bob,

I just finished reading the Proton Bob newsletter from June where you were speaking at Loma Linda's Wed. meeting. I was a post prostate surgery guest at Loma Linda starting in January 2006 and finishing up there on March 10th.

Four years after having my prostate removed my PSA began to climb and when it reached 0.20 my urologist advised traditional radiation as the next step. I wasn't too keen on getting that done after hearing about the possible damage to good tissues that conventional radiation can have. After pressing my oncology radiation doctor about other treatments he then told me about proton radiation treatment at Loma Linda and mentioned that he had graduated from there some time ago and that his son now is going to Loma Linda. He said that if he were me and could afford the time and expenses, he would go to Loma Linda. After this fine recommendation, and some research and correspondence with Loma Linda the decision was made to go.

The experience as others have testified to, is almost indescribable. Being treated as a guest and with respect at every turn, the opportunity to socialize with other guests, and the professionalism by all the staff is overwhelming. My wife and I came home with many new friends and a very positive outlook on my recovery. Dr. Rossi is indeed an expert in proton treatments and is confident in his practice.

I had my first follow-up treatment after two months (standard for post surgery treatment), and am so elated to say that my PSA was non-detectable. Also, my friend Rex from N.M. who had post-surgery proton treatment at the same time, reported to me that he had the same results.

So anyone out there with 'returning' prostate cancer absolutely needs to check out Loma Linda. Bob, when I first contacted you to join your group I was surprised to get a personal e-mail back from you outlining the success of other Proton Bob members who had post-sugery proton treatment. That little note of yours really helped build up my hopes. Thank you. I hope this makes your testimonial pages so that others having similar cases will know that proton treatments for post-surgery returning prostate cancer really are effective.
Best Regards,
Steven Hodgdon, Hatley, WI. Keep up the great work!"



Update January 2009
It will soon be three years since my trip to Loma Linda for post-surgical proton therapy on my recurring prostate cancer. I had my latest PSA check done in November of 2008, and am delighted to report that my PSA level continues to be "non-detectable" which equates to a "0" reading! For those who have shared with me the shock of being told "you still have prostate cancer" after going through with the extensive surgery option, there is an excellent alternative to "conventional" radiation treatment that is much less harmful to your remaining healthy organs. And best of all—it works! You really need to check out proton radiation treatment. You won't be disappointed!



"I have not spent one dollar on medicines or follow-up procedures in my 20 years post-proton treatment."
- Wayne Swartz, BOB Member
"You owe it to yourself and to those who love you to safeguard your quality of life. Surgery will not do that ... proton therapy can."
- Jeannie Chase, Spouse
- Warren Johns, BOB member
"15 years have passed since exposure to the penetrating power of the proton and the superb medical skills of the 'beam team.'”
"The procedure was a breeze. It has been 10 years and I feel GREAT.”
- Tom Wright, BOB member
"As long as I live, I will do everything I can to spread the word about proton treatment.”
- Jim Tuggey, BOB member
"I am celebrating 8 years post-treatment with no recurrence, no side effects, and not one more penny for medications."
Robert T. Gore, M.D. F.A.C.O.G.


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Proton Therapy Advantages:

· Less damage to healthy tissue
· Non-invasive, painless

· Outpatient setting
· No recovery time
· Lower chance of recurrence
· Few, if any, side effects

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