Treated 2000 · Posted 2001 · Updated 2010 & 2016 & 2018 & 2020

“Men diagnosed with prostate cancer can believe what they read about proton therapy. All of these testimonials on the BOB website are 100% true, written by the patients themselves.”

In 1998 my PSA test rose from 9 to 13.7. I never smoked nor drank alcohol and maintained a healthy 156 pounds for 50 years. I was the head of a Veterinary diagnostic laboratory for 20 years so understand a laboratory mistake may have occurred. I had no family history of prostate cancer, so was devastated when a requested second PSA test in 30 days was 11 and a biopsy was positive for cancer.

I immediately went through all the frustration, stress, and research deciding upon an option. A prostatectomy was not a choice as I read too many horrific problems post-surgery. Watchful waiting was my option for a few weeks followed by three Lupron injections to halt the cancer growth and reduce the much enlarged prostate for future seed implants.

A year later, my PSA dropped to 0.1, so opted for a second biopsy, which was still positive for cancer. I called a colleague in AZ who had the seed implants a few years earlier. Talk about the "right place at the right time?" He directed me to call his friend who was undergoing something new called proton therapy at a facility called Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC), in Loma Linda, CA.

I had been scammed a couple of times and became a firm believer in, "if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true." How could proton therapy cure prostate cancer and not have all the side effects of all the other options, so was this another "too good to be true?" This was in 2000 and the wonderful BOB with all the testimonials to read and names of past patients to call and ask questions was of course not available. My own research resulted in what I can truly say changed my life dramatically. The good Lord directed me to the best place on this planet to permanently cure my cancer both physically and mentally, which had been such a constant worry and burden to me, my wife and family for nearly two years.

Now men diagnosed with the dreaded prostate cancer can believe what they read about proton therapy, and all the testimonials on the BOB website are 100% true and written by the patients themselves (and not paid actors!). Yes, it sounds too good to be true as how can nearly 100% of us write similar things about our experience at LLUMC: the best vacation in our lives; now 100% cured without any side effects; lay in your own warm pod for a few minutes each day marveling about the unbelievable technology going on around you; and then hurry off for your scheduled tee time at one of the several golf courses; go swimming and/or exercise at the Drayson Center; all while being fully cured of prostate cancer, both physically and mentally.

June 2010 is my tenth anniversary completing the proton/photon therapy and return home from LLUMC. This year I also joined the octogenarian age group and feel blessed with great health and play golf four days a week. My younger golf buddies say I must be "aged to perfection" and they can't wait to reach 80. I have beaten or shot my age 6 times this season from the white tees and won our senior tournament with scores of 75 and 77 from the gold. Perhaps those "protons" did help my golf game also, as I now have my lowest handicap ever of 12. I ride my bicycle daily to our local stores and am kidded by a friendly clerk who remarks, "I see you are still peddling your ass around town."

My wife and I will celebrate 54 years of marriage October 2010. Also my annual physical exam was uneventful with a PSA of 0.2, the same it has been for 10 years. Each annual result still brings tears of gratitude as I so vividly remember the first biopsy positive for prostate cancer and all those questions of "why me" and "what do I do now." Thankfully our good friend Bob Marckini has all those answers today in his book and/or the BOB, with the true stories and testimonials from all of us grateful graduates of proton therapy.

Ron Yedloutschnig (Dr. Y)

Update: July 2016

How time flies! It seems like yesterday I returned home from my proton treatment at Loma Linda University Cancer Center in June of 2000. You know, my wife could not join me for treatment, so I brought my son, John, out for a week. He was expecting a sad and forlorn dad going through dreadful cancer treatment. He was surprised to find his dad very happy and smiling, working out at the Drayson Fitness Center and hiking in the local mountains during my treatment. He also drove with me to The Club at Morningside for the 10th Annual Loma Linda University Proton Charity Invitational. John could not stop talking about his trip to see me. When he left he told everyone how marvelously I was doing. He had to agree with me that it was "one of my greatest vacations ever." Who else can say that about cancer treatment?

Now I am 86 years old and have lived 16 years of a blessed life with no side effects and I have been “cured” of that dreaded “Big C.”

Many, many congrats to the BOB for your marvelous contributions and updated/informative information. I look forward to your newsletter every month. I have two sons - but if we had a daughter, I'd want her to emulate Deb Hickey. Your parents are so blessed! 

Update: January 2018

It seems impossible that it has been 17 years since my proton therapy at Loma Linda. I remember “the best vacation in my life” as though it were yesterday and I attempt to maintain that positive attitude I gained shortly after arriving at LLUCC. I recently had my physical and my PSA is still 0.1 – I finished the golf season playing 100 games again.  I will be 88 in a few weeks and tell my golf buddies it should be easier next golf season to shoot those “double snowmen." LOL! My wife Jean is in bad health and  I feel so blessed to have good health to take care of the both of us.  I thank the good Lord every day for his blessings.

Update July 2020

I am doing well and still try to play golf four days per week. I am in a remarkably great groove (as they say) as I now post scores of 82 to 90 (shooting my age) nearly all the time.