Treated 2002 · Posted 2003

“I share my experiences with many, both here at home and away, in hopes that they too may enjoy the positive results of life renewal. I would like to express my appreciation to the BOB and all who so openly share and support each other. LIFE IS GREAT.” 

I am a retired educator (37 yrs of service) and a seasonal Wilderness Ranger for the US Forest Service (26 yrs of service) in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California (Desolation Wilderness. near Lake Tahoe). I have always enjoyed excellent health, being in good physical shape, and I have a great love for out-door activities.

In 1992, an unexpected circumstance occurred, wherein I had to have my right kidney removed, due to cancer. I experienced a quick and full recovery, and was able to return to full activity. In 1995, I again experienced the unexpected, when I had to have open-heart double by-pass surgery. My recovery was again very fast and complete, with no limitations. Both recoveries seemed excellent, which I attribute to being physically active.

In subsequent follow-up evaluations and check-ups, I began to experience a slowly rising PSA score, starting at 3.7, in 1997, at age 67. All outward appearances appeared to be 'normal'. DREs and follow-ups indicated no concern. My wife and I then spent 2 years in British Columbia, Canada, on a church mission. Upon return home, I underwent a physical check-up, which indicated another rise in PSA, to a 4.4. My doctor referred me to a Urologist, for more extensive testing. Further testing and follow-up indicated an elevated PSA of 6.6, over a period of 1 1/2 years. At 67 yrs, my Uro recommended a biopsy, which showed positive, with a Gleason of 6, and a T1c staging. The immediate result of the biopsy was an incredibly severe bacterial infection. I spent 5 days in the hospital to eliminate the wide spread infection.

In a follow-up with the Uro, he was quite one-sided. His priority was for immediate invasive surgery, with prospective prognosis being somewhat questionable (incontinence, impotence, urinary retraining, etc.). Due to that and previous major surgeries, it was a "no brainer" decision and conclusion. My remarks were, "thank you very much, but I'll check my other options.”

As a family we spent several months researching and talking with others about wait and see, seed implants, chemotherapy, diet and fitness, and other possible options. My youngest son was a graduate from LLU Dental School, in the early 90's. He recommended that I look into Proton Treatment Therapy at LLUMC. Subsequent research and direct contact with LLUMC Proton Treatment resulted with my records being sent to LLUMC for evaluation. I was accepted and started treatment on Feb 14. It was without a doubt, the best Valentine I had ever received. I underwent 40 Proton sessions, which concluded, April 11, 2002.

I cannot speak highly enough, nor give enough positive accolades to the entire staff at LLUMC Proton Treatment Center, to the community, to the many, many new and lifetime friendships made, and to all who support this marvelous program. I know that this is an INSPIRED program for mankind.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity given me, to be treated and cared-for by a truly dedicated and committed staff. I experienced no significant side effects nor problems, during my entire stay. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed an incredible 'vacation' and sight seeing experience of much of Southern California.

My gratitude and personal appreciation to Dr Les Yonemoto and Sandy; to the very special crew of Gantry #3 that treated me so lovingly and professionally; to Gerry Troy and the incredible support group experiences on Wed. evenings (never missed a one); and to the many fellow-patients who have become lifetime friends of shared experiences. My life has been made so much better. I have a newer and deeper understanding of 'making man whole'. I give thanks to the Lord, for I better recognize the influence on my life and the lives of others, that He brings.

I have the joy and personal pleasure of recommending and observing positive results of 4 to 5 'brothers' who too have enjoyed the blessings of 'Making Man Whole', at LLUMC Proton Center. I share my experiences with many, both here at home and away, in hopes that they too may enjoy the positive results of life renewal. I would like to express my appreciation to BOB and all who so openly share and support each other. LIFE IS GREAT.

PS 4 mos PSA came in at 3.8, and my 10 month was 2.74

Ron Parker - Pollock Pines, California