Treated 1996 • Posted 2004 

Following is a short letter Bob Marckini received from Richard Shein following his treatment at Loma Linda:

Dear Bob,

First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful gift you gave me when you encouraged me to travel to Loma Linda for Prostate treatment with Proton. My wife Pearl and I had a terrific ten weeks vacation what with workouts, terrific accommodations, an endless choice of restaurants, warm and welcoming people - both within the hospital and in the community at large, we left at the end of March with heavy hearts, having had such an outstanding time, we were reticent to see it end.

When friends would call and I would speak glowing of the great times we were having and that the treatments were short and painless, you could hear the incredulity in their voices and no amount of assurance could convince them otherwise. Now that we have been home here in Providence for three months - or slightly more - I have just today received the results of my first blood test for PSA. Prior to treatment it was 4.5, now it is 1.7. It is thanks to you and others who showered us with their kindness from the intake staff at Loma Linda, the nurses, doctors, yes, even the security personnel in the parking lots that such a miracle is possible.

Please Bob if you should have anyone to whom relating my experiences would encourage others to take what appears to them to be a risk, have them contact me, anytime.

Best regards,

Richard Shein