Treated 2001 · Posted 2001

“What a way to be cured of cancer!”

My name is Norton Elder and I graduated from LLUMC on December 15, 2001. I just had my first four-month PSA check and am proud to say it was 0.07. When I started my treatment at Loma Linda, my PSA was 5.4; Gleason was 6 (3+3); class was T1c. I had a ten-plug biopsy, all cancerous. I had one four month Lupron shot on August 2, and started treatment at Loma Linda in late September.

I received 40 Proton treatments.

I did a lot of research before coming to Loma Linda, and it was a “no brainer” to make my decision. I have zero side effects, and everything is back to normal now that the hormone side effects are gone. I am 63 years old, and a retired airline pilot from Delta Air Lines.

My wife and I have discussed our experience while at Loma Linda, and have decided that it was a great vacation without any outside influences - real quality time together. What a way to be cured of cancer!

I cannot say enough for the staff and doctors at LLUMC. What a bunch of just great, caring people. What an asset Gerry Troy and his staff are to Loma Linda. His support group is a great part of the treatment.

Thanks to you for your dedication in creating the BOB, and the many hours you put into this wonderful online support. I look forward to your emails and Cal’s notes.

Norton Elder