Treated 1998 • Posted 2004 

Almost seven years after his treatment, Neal says, “Now, I am absolutely convinced that Proton Radiation was the right choice.”

I was diagnosed with PC in July 1997. After 3 months of PC research and 4 medical opinions, and what I thought was a "final" decision to have surgery, a friend of mine, who had already been treated for PC by standard external beam radiation, called me about a newscast he saw on ABC in November 1997, at which time they reported on Proton Treatment at Loma Linda.

In November 1997, I had already been on Lupron for 2 months in preparation for surgery at MSK in January 1998. My urologist, a highly respected PC specialist, believed in the advantages of 3-4 months of Hormone treatment prior to surgery.

After contacting Loma Linda, reviewing all the information they sent, and reconsidering my decision for surgery, I scheduled a visit and subsequent Proton Treatment with Dr. Carl Rossi to begin in late February 1998. I completed Proton Treatment in late April 1998 and discontinued Lupron injections that month. During the 6 years since treatment, my PSA has ranged between 0.27 & 0.42. My urologist, here in New Jersey, is delighted with the results of my treatment. SO AM I. He tells me the jury is out for another 9 years but has been very encouraged with regard to my PSA numbers over the last 6 years.

Now, I am absolutely convinced that Proton Radiation was the right choice. I do wonder however, if my 8 months on Lupron played a beneficial part in the great results I have had over these 6 years. When my urologist spoke to me at some length about the advantages of Hormone Therapy prior to surgery I was sold on the benefits. To this day I remain positive about pre-treatment Hormone Therapy. Other, well know urologists in New York City, told me they saw no benefits in hormone treatment prior to surgery. One quoted the renowned Dr. Patrick Walsh who was also opposed to using hormones prior to surgery.

I am now 73 years young, grateful to my friend, happy that I was treated with Proton Radiation and love Dr. Rossi and the entire staff at Loma Linda.

Neal P. Monda