Treated 2011 · Posted 2016

I would love to share my wonderful experience of proton treatment at Loma Linda University Cancer Center in California. While we were there, my wife and I felt very special. The staff was marvelous. They were so kind to us.

I learned about proton treatment and Loma Linda University Cancer Center (LLUCC) years ago. I would listen to the radio while I was painting apartments. I was a C33 contractor and I worked alone. The radio kept me company! I heard commercials for LLUCC. And for some reason, they lingered in my memory. 

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011, I looked further into LLUCC and learned about proton therapy.

After being treated, my greatest experience in life has been watching my grandchildren grow up without feeling or being ill. I just saw my only granddaughter get married to a wonderful young man. In fact, I had the wonderful privilege of performing the marriage ceremony!

Very importantly, the proton treatment I received has allowed me to be active in something very dear to my wife and I; and that is our religious activities. We are Jehovah's Witnesses and we share Bible knowledge with all spiritual denominations and as many people as possible.

Many have a Bible in their home but don't read it because it is too difficult to understand. This is why we help people to understand the messages. This is a terrible world in which we live and we all need the spiritual help that Christ has for us.

Note that I do not have a lot of material possessions or a lot of money. I’m a retired painter. I don’t own jets; I don’t play golf; I only have an A.S. Degree from a junior college in computer information systems. But, my life is just as important as anyone else's life. My life is even more worthwhile now because I can share my experience with others who may be frightened after having a prostate cancer diagnosis. I can educate them about proton therapy and lead them to LLUCC for treatment.

I learned how to make things beautiful as a painter. I would now like to make someone's life a little more beautiful as a prostate cancer survivor.

You know, many of our friends are shocked to see me, after having treatment for prostate cancer, without any physical side effects. It's as if they expected me to have to wear diapers, etc, like others we know who had invasive surgery and even conventional radiation.

I referred a friend who had prostate cancer last year to LLUCC and he and his wife have told me they were also overwhelmed with the care they received and the results thus far. I see them every day and both thank me with all their hearts for recommending proton therapy at LLUCC.

My wife, my children, my grandchildren, and our many friends thank all of you at LLUCC for your dedication in helping, not only prostate cancer patients, but people with many types of illnesses through proton therapy. THANK YOU FROM MY HEART.

Marvin W. Graham   

Below is a photo of Marvin and his lovely wife.