Treated 2012· Posted 2016

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Loma Linda University Cancer Center in California is like no other medical facility in the world. I made lifelong friends during my experience there, both fellow patients and staff.

Note also that BOB founder Bob Marckini was instrumental in me making my decision to have proton treatment. Back in 2012 he answered all of my questions and gave me some great advice - all of this over a six month period. He also helped we win my insurance appeal with BCBS! Bob is truly my HERO.  

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer after a routine physical exam. I had no symptoms whatsoever. And then during and after my proton treatment, I also had no symptoms or side effects of any kind. 

It may also be interesting for readers to know that during my treatment I played golf three times each week and worked out regularly at Loma Linda's Drayson Fitness Center.

Nearly four years following my proton treatment, I feel the same as I did before treatment!  I continue to play golf three times a week and work out four to five times a week at a local “Y." My quality of life is as good as it’s ever been!

My last PSA was 0.37 and it seems to have leveled off. Life is good!

Here’s a photo of Lew standing next to the University of North Dakota’s NCAA National Hockey Championship trophy during a golf outing earlier this month.