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I had 45 proton sessions in 9 weeks (including hormones due to my Gleason 9 prostate cancer). During my entire treatment, I felt perfectly fine and energetic. I had NO side effects.

On July 12, 2013, at almost 71 years of age, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Gleason 7 (4+3), PSA 15.2. The same day, we scheduled a prostatectomy (for August 6). Still, I did not like the idea of surgery, with potential damage to this delicate area of my body. An acquaintance, a CERN specialist in proton research, who had been treated at Loma Linda University Cancer Center (LLUCC) in Loma Linda, CA, for prostate cancer, sent me information about proton therapy.

After a lot of reading, in particular, Bob Marckini’s book, I had no doubt that proton radiation was my best option. I learned it was the least invasive, had the fewest side effects, if at all, and would preserve the qualility of my life after treatment.

After investigating treatment facilities in both Europe and the USA, LLUCC had the most experience in this field. My wife and I arrived in Loma Linda on August 24, found a great house to live in, and had my first doctor’s appointment on the 26th, my birthday.

The LLUCC pathologist reviewed my biopsy slides. He concluded that I had a Gleason 9 (5+4). This meant, as a precaution, I would be given hormones in addition to proton therapy.

I had 45 proton sessions in 9 weeks. During my entire treatment, I felt perfectly fine and energetic. I had NO side effects. 

I continued hormones until March 2014. I had some minor side effects at that time. 

Our stay in Loma Linda was extremely pleasant. My wife and I took part in a multitude of activities – the Tuesday potluck dinners, golf, lectures at LLUCC, restaurant dinners, the Drayson Fitness Center, tennis ... The staff at LLUCC created a community of fellow patients. It was a great advantage to being a patient and living close by. During treatment, my wife and I made friends for life.

Today, I am semi-retired; I have the same quality of life as before my treatment; and my last PSA was 0.05.

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"I have not spent one dollar on medicines or follow-up procedures in my 20 years post-proton treatment."
- Wayne Swartz, BOB Member
"You owe it to yourself and to those who love you to safeguard your quality of life. Surgery will not do that ... proton therapy can."
- Jeannie Chase, Spouse
- Warren Johns, BOB member
"15 years have passed since exposure to the penetrating power of the proton and the superb medical skills of the 'beam team.'”
"The procedure was a breeze. It has been 10 years and I feel GREAT.”
- Tom Wright, BOB member
"As long as I live, I will do everything I can to spread the word about proton treatment.”
- Jim Tuggey, BOB member
"I am celebrating 8 years post-treatment with no recurrence, no side effects, and not one more penny for medications."
Robert T. Gore, M.D. F.A.C.O.G.


The Purcell's fairy tale life came to a halt when the doctor diagnosed Pat with prostate cancer. 

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Proton Therapy Advantages:

· Less damage to healthy tissue
· Non-invasive, painless

· Outpatient setting
· No recovery time
· Lower chance of recurrence
· Few, if any, side effects

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