Treated 2011 · Posted 2017 · Updated 2020

"My wife and I are probably the only couple to ever receive proton therapy at the same time - me for prostate cancer and her for breast cancer. Thank you, Bob Marckini and LLUCC." 

I’ve had no problems attributable to my proton treatment (2011) or prostate cancer. Bob Marckini's book and my experience at Loma Linda University Cancer Center changed my life and the life of my wife, Glenis.   

I discovered Bob’s book during some intensive research after receiving my prostate cancer diagnosis. Bob’s engineer’s approach and complete explanations convinced me to go to LLUCC for a consultation. While in Loma Linda, I made my decision - proton therapy was the best treatment option for me.

In treatment at LLUCC, I also learned how to cook, how to eat the right foods, how to exercise, and I met a half dozen people that will remain lifelong friends. 

While undergoing my proton treatment at LLUCC, I also learned about clinical trials for breast cancer. I was able to get my wife, Glenis, who was diagnosed with breast cancer while I was being treated for prostate cancer, into one of those trials. 

The last of my 45 proton treatments took place on a Thursday. Glenis started the first of ten proton treatments the day before. As she was a participant in Dr. David Bush’s clinical trial, there was no cost to us or our insurance company for her therapy. Part of her agreement was to provide regular follow-up reports. She was originally scheduled to begin a week earlier, but was delayed by travel restrictions after electing to do a lumpectomy in Kansas rather than California. That decision pushed our return flight home into the busy holiday travel rush. We wound up flying home on Thanksgiving day, and our turkey dinner was a tuna sandwich.  

Glenis has a scar from the surgery and at first, a slight sunburn from radiation. However she is over that being a problem. Thanks to Bob Marckini, five years later we seldom think about cancer.

My wife and I are probably the only couple to receive proton therapy at the same time. We owe BOB founder Bob Marckini more than he ever knew. He two will always have our gratitude and a place in our hearts! 

Glenis and I have never looked back.

Update: August 2020

Neither my wife or I have experienced a sign of cancer to this day. My last PSA was very low and I'm happy with it.