Treated 2003 • Posted 2006 • Updated 2009 & 2016

"I have never had any side effects, unless feeling great is a side effect."

I just had my semi-annual reassurance that going to Loma Linda University Cancer Center was the best decision I ever made. My PSA is still hovering at 0.40 three years after my last treatment, August 1, 2003. I have never had any side affects, unless feeling great is a side affect.

I am particularly thankful when I talk to a friend who chose another method of treatment and is suffering serious side affects two years after his treatment. He thought having to go to LLUCC for a couple of months was too big a hassle. However, since his treatment he has spent longer than that flat on his back, and still can't get out of the house. Now he is one of the best advocates in town for proton beam therapy.

Low PSA's to us all.

Jack Richardson (Grand Junction, CO)


Update: January 2009

It has now been more than 5 years since my proton treatment at LLUCC. I remember hearing that if you survive 5 years after cancer treatment you are cured. In September 2008, my PSA was 0.3. It has been hanging around that area for quite a while now. I feel good, work out 5 days a week and have no health concerns - except that I should eat a little less. My brother had a biopsy 3 days ago. We have talked a lot about proton beam therapy, so he knows about my treatment and has also read Bob Marckini's book. If the results are positive we know that he will be the next member of our family to experience the wonder that is Loma Linda University Cancer Center.

Update: July 2016

I am healthy, I still work out, and my wife and I enjoy traveling. We are going to Europe this year. Life for us is good. 

My brother was also diagnosed with prostate cancer. I sent him Bob Marckini's book and we had a lot of discussions about treatment options. He went to Loma Linda University Cancer Center as well. He was in a test group where they did proton injections from both sides each day, but for fewer days than normal. It worked well. He is now cancer free and we both send anyone we can to LLUCC for proton treatment. The last time I tried to count, there were 12 - 15 people we talked into having proton therapy at LLUCC. Though, I had one friend who was set to go and then changed his mind and wanted to try something else. I went to his funeral last year.