Treated 2011 · Posted 2014

"It is now two years since I finished proton treatment at LLUCC and my PSA is 0.27 which is .02 lower than six months previously."

My wife graduated from Loma Linda University as a nurse in the 1950s. Since then, she received a newsletter about the happenings at LLUCC. One of those newsletters announced that proton treatment for prostate cancer was being instituted at LLUCC. I followed the announcement of the building being added to the hospital which would house the equipment for doing this type of treatment. I read about the results of such treatment of prostate cancer and low morbidity associated with the treatment.

I had PSA tests quite regularly with my physician until he passed away, incidentally, due to cancer of the prostate. I found a new physician at the medical school, Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, OR. I was honored to have the Chief of Urology do my physical exams and lab tests.

My urologist changed once again when my doctor moved away. Later, I had a total of four biopsy appointments. On the fourth, cancer was detected. I had a PSA of 17 and a Gleason score of 8. My doctor's immediate suggestion for treatment was IMRT and he scheduled a consult with that department. I went in for the consultation, but informed them that I wanted a second opinion. I had two friends who had surgery for prostate cancer and the side effects were terrible. I did not want to take any chances.

Already familiar with LLUCC and now, proton therapy, I decided to go there.

It is now two years since I finished proton treatment at LLUCC and my PSA is 0.27 which is .02 lower than six months previously.

My urologist always enters the exam room now with a wide smile. He is a very nice person, but seems even friendlier now with the PSA readings! He was not in favor of proton therapy in the beginning.

My only regret in going through this treatment was that I had to be there without my wife which contributed to some lonliness during the nine weeks, but what is loneliness when my PSA is down and I'm feeling good?

I appreciated the care and treatment at LLUCC. I now attend the regional post-treatment gatherings.