Treated 2002 • Posted 2003 

" . . don't let your body take a beating if you don't have too."

Fernand Beaupre is a French Canadian who now lives in northern Maine. Following is his response to an inquiry by a prospective patient:

I just read a letter that you wrote and can say that cancer treatment is no fun no matter which way you look at it. I am Fernand Beaupre from Caribou Maine almost at the northern tip. I will be 79 Jul 28 and I graduated from my 16 Proton treatment and the obstacle course of 28 Photon Treatment at LLMC. And proud to say that I am back home feeling great, and I am glad that I went that way, for I talk to almost everyone and what I learn before I went the easy way.

I had a PSA of a 7.9 in March 2001 and in Sept I was a 17 and the VA wanted to Operate. So I went to see Dr Ho and took a PSA test and 8 biopsy samples, had a Gleason of 9 so he put me on Casadex and will be for 2 more Years and a shot of Lupron every four months. I am telling you, I felt good all through my treatment. I have three daughters in Calif and they found work for me during the week, and the weekends were to Long Beach, Fresno and San Diego. And now I'm getting ready to plant a garden and play in there all summer - then give half away to those that can't work or need help. So what I am saying is don't let your body take a beating if you don't have too. And read in the entryway of the LLMC it says (To made a Man Whole) They Practice what they preach as to my experience. So if you think that I am crazy you are right, and that is why I am enjoying my life. Get back to me if you want I will send you a few Jokes This is my address: Hope a brother to be, Fernand