Treated 2010 · Posted 2015

My story with proton therapy began in 2003 when our friend, Rose, was successfully treated with proton therapy for a melanoma tumor on her optic nerve. My wife and I determined at that time that if the doctor ever said "you have cancer" that we would investigate proton therapy. So, in 2010, when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I contacted Loma Linda University Cancer Center in California. Soon an informational packet arrived in the mail. It contained Bob Marchini's book, "You Can Beat Prostate Cancer," a video about Loma Linda's proton center, and many other pieces of helpful information. 

Based on what I learned from Bob's book, and with help from my wife, I moved forward with proton treatment at LLUCC. We also contacted the Brotherhood of the Balloon and received names of members, all former proton patients, who we could talk to directly. Two BOB members and their wives actually visited us and shared their proton experiences, giving us even more confidence in our decision.

When we arrived in Loma Linda in June, 2010, all that we had learned about LLUCC and proton therapy was confirmed. The hospital staff, the painless treatments, support groups, etc... were all just as described by former patients. Actually, because I had felt no significant physical effects during treatment, I left wondering if anything had been accomplished! I looked forward to my first PSA in four months. It was just before Christmas when I received the results.  My PSA was way down! What great Christmas gift!  I thank God and also my wife, Joan, for her help, encouragement and support. The personal contacts really were important to my wife and I.

In addition to enjoying my family, two married daughters, six grand children and one great grand son, I live in an active senior community. I play softball in a thirteen team recreational league, pursue my hobby of building and showing cars, and being an active member of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  These groups have given me opportunities to share with many men about proton treatment and several of then have now completed therapy at LLUCC.