Treated 2002 • Posted 2002 

“I started this treatment undecided if it was right, knowing that with His guidance it would be.”

In February 2002 I went in for a yearly checkup. I was not worried about it, as I had been having them for several years. August 1998 my PSA was 2.5 and May 2000 it was 2.68. In June 2001 it was up to 3.8 and was told it was a little high but "normal." Had the doctor taken into consideration the increase I should have had a biopsy then. Noticing some changes (Supreme Guidance) I decided on an earlier checkup this year - February 2, 2002. After leaving with my lab information I noticed I was not scheduled for a PSA test. I mentioned it to the nurse and had it added (More Supreme Guidance as I do not usually notice these things). Other tests were normal but PSA was up to 4.39. A referral to a urologist was made.

(March 2) After waiting more than two hours for ten minutes with the urologist he had me scheduled for a biopsy, plus other tests. At this point I felt like a piece of meat, as he had no bedside manners. Next day I canceled the appointments and scheduled another PSA for thirty days.

(April 10) PSA results 4.03. A change in diet seemed to have lowered it some. April 25th I had blood work done for a broken bone in my foot and also asked for a PSA. That one, with the trauma, was 5.16.

(May 9) I saw a different urologist and he scheduled a biopsy for May 22nd. On May 23rd, the day after the biopsy I had blood work done for foot pain and also asked for a PSA. My prostate must have been having a trauma fit as it was up to 7.17.

(May 29) Results. He started out "I wish I had good news but.” Three cores out of seven showed cancer. Gleason 3+2 for a total of 5. Did not get the stage. Options were told but no mention of Proton treatment. Surgery was number one. At this point I read everything I could find on the subject and talked to many with different treatments. I remained very undecided.

My wife is a one-year survivor of radical surgery for breast cancer and was in favor of prostrate surgery.

Early one morning I saw a neighbor of mine at the local coffee shop. Having heard he had some prostrate treatment I asked him about his treatment. He took twenty minutes to tell me about the only place to go for treatment - LLUMC. When he explained the treatment I remembered reading about it some years ago but had forgotten where it was. Now I thought I knew what I wanted.

That very afternoon I talked to a doctor friend who had radical surgery done last September 2001. He suggested that the radical surgery was the only way to go. Now I was back where I was before - undecided. My wife still wanted me to have surgery. A surgery appointment was made for July 30th with a pre-op on July 22nd.

(June 17) I called 1-800-PROTONS. (Supreme Guidance)

(June 30) I came down with chicken pox. During this time my wife came in contact with some women in her quilt group that were discussing Proton treatment. After hearing their discussion she came home in favor of Proton treatment and was glad I had made the call. (Supreme Guidance)

(July 1 and 2) Faxed information to LLUMC.

(July 5, 12:05 PM) Shelly called from LLUMC with acceptance message. (Supreme Guidance)

(July 5, 1:00 PM) Lynn called back with insurance OK. (Supreme Guidance)

(July 15) I went to UCSF for an MRI/MRISI. The MRI scan confirmed everything the biopsy had shown and the scan was nowhere as intrusive as the biopsy. This is done with double balloons on an ultra sound unit. Only one drawback - I was in the MRI for one and one half-hours and I still had cancer.

(July 16) The urologist’s office called moving my pre-op to July 18th. I had no results from UCSF so I canceled the surgery to wait for the results of the scan. For all I knew at that point - somebody else’s cores had cancer.

(July 16) Linda called from LLUMC with an appointment for October 9th for a consultation with Dr. Jabola.

(August) Linda called back with a cancellation date for August 14th. (Supreme Guidance)

(August 8) Ran another PSA - 4.82. Nancy called confirming the appointment for the 14th.

(August 14) Consultation with Dr. Jabola in the morning and got podded in the afternoon.

(August 15) I emailed Bob Marckini with questions, and he answered the same day with offers to talk to me if necessary, and telling me I made the right choice.

(August 18) Approved in the Brotherhood of the Balloon.

(August 28) Treatment number one. (Supreme Guidance)

(October 24) Treatment number 40. Finished. (Supreme Guidance)

So far I have had only one side effect. At treatment number five I was having a urination problem. I held out until number ten when I asked for a prescription to overcome the bladder spasms. I am one week after treatment now and believe the spasms are already starting to go away.

The two-month stay was really like a vacation. Gerry Troy and the group give patients many choices to stay active and the crew in gantry three gave me an early appointment that worked with my usual life style. I do believe exercise is very important. Although many mentioned diet change during treatment I stayed with what I was eating those few months preceding treatment and had no problems at all.

You will notice Supreme Guidance in many locations in this testimonial. I do believe this. My ducks were not all in a row. It did take a Supreme Guidance to place them there. I started this treatment undecided, knowing that with His guidance it would be okay.

I do feel this is the only treatment anyone should consider, and then use other options if Proton therapy is not feasible for them. I had the pleasure of meeting patients with brain tumors and back tumors and many with my same cancer and I truly believe everyone received the right treatment. I only wish the Proton treatment had been available for my wife’s breast cancer. In the near future it should be for others.

February will be the next PSA and I am sure it will respond like the many others that have gone before me. Down.

Remember that movie saying, “Life is like a box of chocolates?” This treatment was the best in the box!

Doyle Rogers - Hanford, California