Treated 1992 • Posted 2003

Don wrote this 11 years after his proton treatment. At the time of writing, he said "I feel great; I haven't experienced any side effects, and at age 81, I play golf several times a week."

Since my diagnosis was way back in 1991, I had forgotten my Gleason number. People always talked about PSA, which was 18.6 back then. I have checked with Loma Linda about what my Gleason number was and it only says, well differentiated. The number 5 is pretty close to what I remember was the figure.

We were living in Clarkston, Washington at the time when my Urologist found that I had Prostate Cancer. I had friends in Loma Linda who urged me to come down for the Proton treatment. I had already started the process of storing my own blood supply for surgery and after talking to representatives of the Proton programs regarding incontinence, impotence and success rate. It was easy to choose the Proton program.

First I was required to take a nodes test to make sure the cancer had not spread. When that was found negative, I began Proton treatment. After 3 weeks someone decided that my Gleason number was higher than reported by my Clarkston doctor and so they stopped the Proton treatment, and for another 5 weeks, I was given regular, photon radiation treatment.

During the time of treatment, I played golf often, always walking and carrying my own bag and was never tired until the last few days of the 8 weeks of radiation. I never experienced any side effects then or since.

Next month I will be 81, playing golf several times a week and feel very grateful for the program at the Loma Linda hospital.

Don Lake - Cherry Valley, California