Treated 2002 • Posted 2003 

“This time my PSA was 11.5 and my Gleason was 10! ... I AM GLAD I TOOK THE CHANCE.”

In early May of 2001 I had my checkup. My PSA was 1.4 but the doctor felt something on my prostate so he said to come back the end of October. At that time my PSA was1.6, so he said to get a biopsy. It was set up for October 31. On November 2 the urologist called and said I had cancer. I then had a bone scan and more blood work. This time my PSA was 11.5 and my Gleason was 10! The doctor said it was inoperable but he would give me radiation. I said I would think it over and left.

I knew my friend had the same problem sometime back so I went to see him. He said, “Go to Loma Linda” and was very insistent. He was at Loma Linda in November and December of 1999 and now has a PSA of .7 and feels great.

With this info I went back to the doctor and said I was going to Loma Linda, to which he told me they were unproven and couldn’t do any more then he could. He also said I was taking a chance going there.

I AM GLAD I TOOK THE CHANCE. I went to Loma Linda with records in hand and was told it would be two months before treatment could start but to get on hormones, which were Lupron and Casodex. I started my Proton treatments on February 26, 2002. Sixteen Proton and then 28 photon, and it was as easy as my friend told me. I am still on hormones and will be for another year.

I feel great and have been traveling a lot, with no problems except the hot flashes and urination frequency, but I can handle it ok.

Clifford Lampe - Lakeport, California