Treated 2001 • Posted 2002 

"The only side effect has been tiredness when I overdue it."

I arrived at Loma Linda on 6/14/01 for the first of 38 proton treatments. My psa had been steadily rising from under 4.0 to 5.6 and a Gleason score of 6 [3+3]. A biopsy confirmed prostate cancer and a catscan and bonescan found the cancer to be contained.

My urologist offered Loma Linda as one of the choices for treatment. My wife, who is a RN, was familiar with proton at Loma Linda and as far as she was concerned it was the only place to go and I agreed.

My final treatment was 8/9/01. My psa at the 4-month follow up was 0.7. I just had my 10-month follow up and it was 0.6. The only side effect has been tiredness when I overdue it.

The Loma Linda staff, doctors, nurses, gantry gentlemen, support groups and everyone else involved made what could have been a unpleasant experience a pleasant one.

I can only say THANK YOU to Loma Linda for another success story. I would also like to give a huge THANK YOU to you Bob and to Cal for the very helpful info you provide to all of us. I cannot imagine how much time you spend doing this but it is greatly appreciated.

Carl Anthony, Apple Valley, CA