Treated 2008 • Posted 2017

In September 2007, at a yearly visit to my PCP, I learned that my PSA had increased from 1.5 to 4.  Following a biopsy, I learned I had two lesions that were positive - one with a Gleason of 9 ...

I was advised to seek surgery by Da Vinci or consider standard radiation. Shortly after my visits with both specialists, I learned about Loma Linda University Cancer Center in California and proton therapy from a lady in our church. She knew of two women whose husbands were treated with protons at LLUCC and they were doing well.  Following those two conversations, I called LLUCC and made an appointment.  After that initial conversation, my wife, Peggy, and I returned home to San Antonio, TX and made preparations to spend two plus months in California. 

My experience in Loma Linda was beyond words of enjoyment.  Peggy and I participated in every activity - Tuesday night pot luck dinners with other patients and spouses, Wednesday night meetings with LLUCC staff and other patients, and Thursday evening dinner tours. I played golf 3-4 times a week with two fellow patients and I participated in the exercise programs at LLUCC's fitness center. Peggy and I had a wonderful vacation. We became involved in the total program offered by LLUCC. Everyone on the staff exuded professionalism from the minute I stepped in to the minute I left.

It has been 9 years since I left Loma Linda. My PSA is 0.1. I have had no incontinence, no impotence, no bleeding ...  I could not have had a better experience. My urologist does not believe my original diagnosis because of my history. I now see him on a yearly basis. He says that I am remarkable. I will soon be 87 and my urologist thinks I’m in my 70’s. 

I recently retired as a hospital pharmacist working 2-3 days a week. I play golf twice a week and frequently shoot my age! Both my wife of 62 years and I enjoy excellent health. We have five sons and six grandchildren whom we see regularly.

Also, I am an identical twin. My brother lives in Florida and was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2013.  He also had proton therapy and was treated at the University of Florida and is doing great!

The BOB recently asked why I choose to make contributions to proton research at Loma Linda University Cancer Center. My reason for "giving back" is simple. The people of LLUCC have earned it.  Peggy and I have both been in the medical field; we understand the viability of research. It has to be done for the future of both medical and mental health. I am also on BOB's list of former proton patients who willingly share their experiences with newly diagnosed men and their families. I have spoken with several men and have also donated Bob's book to some in San Antonio. 

Below is a recent photo of Bob.