Treated 1998 · Posted 2011

"Last month I had a follow-up with my radiation oncologist. He said, 'Bill, as much as I enjoy seeing you, I don't need to see you medically again. It's as though you never had cancer!'"

I was diagnosed in November 1998 with a 7.5 PSA and after a ton of intensive research, I chose proton beam therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital. I had a follow up with my oncologist last week. My doctor, a resident, an intern and a student came in looked at my tests and did DRE's.

My doctor said, "Your prostate is perfect; PSA is negligible. I don't need to see you again. You are cured."

I've had no side effects whatsoever, and my wife and I travel a great deal and sail summers! Thank the Lord for the proton beam!