The Mission of the Brotherhood of the Balloon is 1) to provide aftercare information and support to men who have received proton treatment for prostate cancer, to aid them in the healing process and to supply information relative to preventing a recurrence of prostate cancer, 2) to help others discover proton treatment for their prostate cancer, and 3) to give something back to the institution that saved our lives and the quality of our lives.

Membership in the Brotherhood of the Balloon is restricted to men who fall into one of the following categories:

1) You have completed Proton Treatment for prostate cancer

2) You are currently undergoing Proton Treatment for prostate cancer

3) You are scheduled for Proton Treatment for prostate cancer

Please note that information you provide for our member list is available to other BOB members. We make every effort to prevent your information from getting into the wrong hands. Occasionally we will share member information with a recently diagnosed patient who is interested in communicating with someone with whom they have something in common. If you do not wish to participate in this information sharing, just check the appropriate box at the very end of the registration form.

Our Web Hosting Service allows us to utilize their secure servers, provide SSL data encryption (which currently is highest level of encryption commercially available) and each member will have his own, private user name and password. However, in today's world, there is always the possibility that security may be breached, or that an authorized member might share information with an inappropriate third party. Although this is highly unlikely, we cannot take responsibility for this eventuality.

Our member database and email list are private and personal and may only be used for purposes of our Mission, which is to provide support to former proton patients, to promote proton therapy, and to give something back.

If you fit one of the three categories above, and agree with our policy, please click the "I Agree" button below.