The Mission of the Brotherhood of the Balloon is threefold. First it is to bring together patients who chose Proton treatment for their prostate cancer. By sharing information and supporting each other, we provide an extension of the community and healing process that began during treatment. Second, it is our goal to help others discover a treatment for prostate cancer that, we believe, offers the same, or better cure rate statistics, but with fewer side effects than any other available treatment. Third, we feel we have an obligation to give something back to the institution that saved our lives and preserved the quality of our lives.

Our Values

Our first responsibility is to our members. Our goal is for all members to respond to other members' requests and needs in a timely manner with appropriate information and support, and with due consideration for their privacy and dignity.

Since our members believe we have received the best available treatment for prostate cancer, we proactively share information, as well as our personal experiences, with others who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and are evaluating treatment alternatives.