John Poltere - Camarillo, California

Treated 2012 · Posted 2016

"My prostate cancer was aggressive. I had a rapidly increasing PSA and I was a Gleason 8." Read John Poltere's detailed account of his treatment. This is taken from a talk that he gives to prostate cancer support groups. He calls his presentation: "Prostate Cancer and Proton Therapy: What You Always Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask."

Tom Halsted - Gloucester, Massachusetts

Treated 2007 - Posted 2014 - Updated 2015

"We were so convinced that [proton therapy at Loma Linda] was the right course to take, that my wife joked, 'If you don't want to go there, I'm going to go alone and take your prostate with me!'"

Tom Wright - Poulsbo, Washington

Treated 2004 · Posted 2014 · Updated 2015 & 2018

"The procedure was a breeze ... It has been ten years and I feel great."

Dave Ellis - Hampton, VA

Treated 2013· Posted 2017

"I've had no side effects and all systems are normal!"

Colonel Howard J. "Jim" Tuggey - Trophy Club, Texas

Treated 1999 · Posted 1999 · Updated 2013

"As long as I live, I will do everything I can to spread the word about "proton" treatment."

To Whom it may concern:

So many miss out on the best treatment in the world for Prostate Cancer and many other cancers and diseases. A recent article in the May 2002 issue of RETIRED OFFICER made me think about my own very successful treatment for Prostate Cancer.

Warren Johns - Brookeville, Maryland

Treated 1993 · Posted 2001 · Updated 2008, 2012, 2015 & 2016

Treated 22 years ago, Warren's PSA remains at 0.2

The following was originally posted in 2001 nine years after Warren Johns was treated with protons at Loma Linda. The last paragraph is an update as of March 2008, a full 15 years after his proton therapy for prostate cancer.

"I wish I had better news but the biopsy shows two or three malignant spots."

Robert T. Gore, M.D. - Kaneohe, Hawaii

Treated 2007 · Posted 2013 · Updated 2015

"As a practicing physician, my colleagues were unfamiliar with proton therapy and strongly urged me to have 'traditional' therapy. However, when I researched my options, it was obvious that the best choice for me was proton therapy."

Going Against the Grain

Arlind Hackett - Highland, California

Treated 2015 · Posted 2017 · Updated 2018

"As Seventh-day Adventists it was truly affirming for us to hear the 'graduation speeches' of fellow [proton] patients telling of the blessings they had received by being at Loma Linda [for treatment]. It was truly a fabulous 'radiation vacation!'"

John Gorman - Redmond, WA

Treated 2003 • Posted 2016

"I discovered something interesting along my journey: A number of treatment programs 'hide behind' HIPAA regulations as a means to not provide the names and contact information of former patients who have received that treatment. On the other hand, Bob Marckini, and the former proton patients he referred me to - all BOB members - were open, outgoing, and effusive about their total treatment experience." 


"I have not spent one dollar on medicines or follow-up procedures in my 20 years post-proton treatment."
- Wayne Swartz, BOB Member
"You owe it to yourself and to those who love you to safeguard your quality of life. Surgery will not do that ... proton therapy can."
- Jeannie Chase, Spouse
- Warren Johns, BOB member
"15 years have passed since exposure to the penetrating power of the proton and the superb medical skills of the 'beam team.'”
"The procedure was a breeze. It has been 10 years and I feel GREAT.”
- Tom Wright, BOB member
"As long as I live, I will do everything I can to spread the word about proton treatment.”
- Jim Tuggey, BOB member
"I am celebrating 8 years post-treatment with no recurrence, no side effects, and not one more penny for medications."
Robert T. Gore, M.D. F.A.C.O.G.


The Purcell's fairy tale life came to a halt when the doctor diagnosed Pat with prostate cancer. 

Little did they know that 25 years earlier, a doctor 1,200 miles away risked his entire career to pioneer proton treatment with virtually no side effects. “Against All Odds” follows a couple’s desire to fight cancer and unveils the historical account of a doctor’s passion to discover a better treatment option.

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Proton Therapy Advantages:

· Less damage to healthy tissue
· Non-invasive, painless

· Outpatient setting
· No recovery time
· Lower chance of recurrence
· Few, if any, side effects

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