Marge Thom, Wife - Oregon City, OR

Treated 2016 · Posted 2022

"I hope those reading our story will find hope in knowing that proton therapy can deliver radiation directly to the tumor without damaging the healthy tissue around it. As a result, quality of life can be maintained. Merlen had NO incontinence, impotence, pain, or any other side effects like many do with traditional radiation treatment." —Marge Thom, Wife of BOB member Merlen Thom. 

Terry Wepsic M.D. - Huntington Beach, CA

Treated 2003 · Posted 2003 · Updated 2009, 2012, 2016, 2019 & 2022

Dr. Wepsic is a physician/pathologist with a specialty in cancer biology and tumor immunology. When a cancer researcher chooses proton therapy to treat his prostate cancer, it speaks volumes about the efficacy of this treatment option.

Arnd Hallmeyer M.D. - Berlin, Germany

Treated 2001 · Posted 2001 · Updated 2014, 2016 & 2019

“PSA 436 - good heavens!”

Charlie Rubin - Tucson, AZ

Treated 1999 • Posted 2000 • Updated 2010 & 2015 & 2016 & 2017 & 2019

Charlie had proton therapy in 1999 after a failed prostatectomy. "The proton beam did what surgery couldn't do. My PSA has been undetectable since 1999 when I left Loma Linda."

Harry Marshall - Long Grove, IL

Treated 2005 • Posted 2008 • Updated 2015 & 2019 & 2020

"I had surgery at age 57 and my prostate cancer returned. Proton therapy did the job."

Jim Ryan - Brewton, AL

Treated 2013 · Posted 2020

"My urologist recommended surgery, explaining in detail the probable and possible side effects associated with the treatment. I then promptly picked myself up off the floor and asked about other options."

Bob Daum - Lancaster, MA

Treated 2010 · Posted 2017

"My opinion is that proton therapy is the very best choice of all the prostate cancer treatment plans available. It is not invasive; there is no cutting or blood; it is most effective and efficient ... I've never had any more prostate cancer treatment since 2010."

Charles Stohrer - Kalamazoo, MI

Treated 2014 · Posted 2016 · Updated 2017, 2019, 2020 & 2021

“Diagnosed at 45—I was shocked!"

Bob Gates - San Antonio, TX

Treated 2008 • Posted 2017

In September 2007, at a yearly visit to my PCP, I learned that my PSA had increased from 1.5 to 4.  Following a biopsy, I learned I had two lesions that were positive - one with a Gleason of 9 ...

Evan Julber - Bend, OR

Treated 2016 · Posted 2020

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2016 at age 58. It was the most challenging time in my life. Even though I expected the diagnosis, the realization hit me like a brick, the shock of which culminated with my wife finding me crying in my office. From that point forward, my energy was spent finding the best treatment option available ...


"I have not spent one dollar on medicines or follow-up procedures in my 20 years post-proton treatment."
- Wayne Swartz, BOB Member
"You owe it to yourself and to those who love you to safeguard your quality of life. Surgery will not do that ... proton therapy can."
- Jeannie Chase, Spouse
- Warren Johns, BOB member
"15 years have passed since exposure to the penetrating power of the proton and the superb medical skills of the 'beam team.'”
"The procedure was a breeze. It has been 10 years and I feel GREAT.”
- Tom Wright, BOB member
"As long as I live, I will do everything I can to spread the word about proton treatment.”
- Jim Tuggey, BOB member
"I am celebrating 8 years post-treatment with no recurrence, no side effects, and not one more penny for medications."
Robert T. Gore, M.D. F.A.C.O.G.


The Purcell's fairy tale life came to a halt when the doctor diagnosed Pat with prostate cancer. 

Little did they know that 25 years earlier, a doctor 1,200 miles away risked his entire career to pioneer proton treatment with virtually no side effects. “Against All Odds” follows a couple’s desire to fight cancer and unveils the historical account of a doctor’s passion to discover a better treatment option.

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Proton Therapy Advantages:

· Less damage to healthy tissue
· Non-invasive, painless

· Outpatient setting
· No recovery time
· Lower chance of recurrence
· Few, if any, side effects

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