<p>The Brotherhood of the Balloon (BOB) is a group of over 7,500 men who have chosen conformal proton beam radiation therapy (proton treatment) to treat their prostate cancer. The group was started by Bob Marckini and other former patients of The James M. Slater, MD Proton Treatment and Research Center at the Loma Linda University Cancer Center in 2000. BOB membership is open to men receiving proton treatment for prostate cancer at all proton centers.</p>
<p>The mission of the BOB is 1) to provide aftercare information and support to men who have received proton treatment for prostate cancer, to aid them in the healing process and to supply information relative to preventing a recurrence of prostate cancer, 2) to help others discover proton treatment for prostate cancer, and 3) to give something back to the institution that saved our lives and preserve the quality of our lives.</p>
<p>Membership in the Brotherhood of the Balloon is voluntary and restricted to men who fall into one of the following categories:</p>
<p><strong>1) You have <em>completed</em> Proton Treatment for prostate cancer, or;<br>
2) You are <em>currently undergoing</em> Proton Treatment for prostate cancer, or;<br>
3) You have <em>made the decision</em> to receive proton treatment for your prostate cancer and are scheduled for treatment.</strong></p>
<p>All personal information provided by members during registration is voluntary and submitted and self-reported by the member.</p>
<p>Please note that information you provide or have provided in the past during registration will be used by BOB to facilitate the communication between BOB members seeking someone in a similar situation who may be willing to share their experience. The information that will be used by BOB during this matching process may include your name, address, phone number, email, profession, method of cancer treatment, dates of treatment, PSA and Gleason scores, and medical insurance carrier.</p>
<p>Occasionally BOB receives requests from individuals (non-members) recently diagnosed with cancer who are seeking an opportunity to speak with other individuals willing to share their experience with proton therapy. As a BOB member you can voluntarily offer to communicate with and share your experience with these non-members and it is up to you to decide what personal information besides, the information you had provided during your registration, you want to share with them. If you do not wish to participate in this information sharing, check the appropriate box at the end of the registration form or contact us at <a href="mailto:DHickey@protonbob.com">DHickey@protonbob.com</a> and we will not share your information with individuals who are not BOB members.</p>
<p>The BOB member database and email list are private and personal and will only be used for purposes of our mission (stated above). The BOB also produces a monthly consumer educational newsletter. Much of the content is gathered from various news reports across the country related to health, wellness, cancer and proton therapy. All BOB members are entitled to receive the newsletter electronically. </p>
<p>Membership is free and fully voluntary and members can be removed at any time they choose by e-mailing <a href="mailto:DHickey@protonbob.com">DHickey@protonbob.com</a>.</p>
<p>If you fit one of the three categories above, and agree with these terms and conditions, please click the &quot;Accept&quot; box below.</p>
<p>If you are already a BOB member, by selecting &quot;Accept&quot; below, you will be renewing your membership and your information will continue to be made available to other BOB members via BOB staff.</p>
<p>If you are an existing BOB member and do not agree with these new terms, please e-mail Deb Hickey at <a href="mailto:DHickey@protonbob.com">DHickey@protonbob.com</a> and do not continue to log on this site.</p>
<p>If you are applying for membership, by selecting &quot;Accept&quot; below, you will be presented with the registration form.</p>