Tony Wagoner - Orlando, Florida

Treated 2011 · Posted 2011

" was a "no brainer" as to which treatment I would have - proton therapy of course!"

I registered to be a member of the Brotherhood of the Balloon in early November, 2010, because I was going to begin proton therapy for prostate cancer in mid-November at the University of Florida Proton Therapy Center in Jacksonville.

Dale Martin - Lincoln, California

Treated 2008 · Posted 2011

"It's a great blessing to know that God directed me to Loma Linda and I love to share my story with all."

It was January 9, 2008. Jolted by what seemed to be a cap pistol firing up my backside, the urologist calmly removed 10 biopsies from my prostate. For some 8 years my doctor and I had watched my PSA creep from 3.1 to 3.8. With the digital exam normal, there was no pressure to biopsy. However, in the summer of 2007, the number spiked to 4.8 and the follow-up in October registered 5.0.

Bill Hogan - Shelburne, Vermont

Treated 1998 · Posted 2011

"Last month I had a follow-up with my radiation oncologist. He said, 'Bill, as much as I enjoy seeing you, I don't need to see you medically again. It's as though you never had cancer!'"

I was diagnosed in November 1998 with a 7.5 PSA and after a ton of intensive research, I chose proton beam therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital. I had a follow up with my oncologist last week. My doctor, a resident, an intern and a student came in looked at my tests and did DRE's.

Dan M. Eicher - Waterloo, Iowa

Treated 2000 · Posted 2003 

“Now, it has been 3 years since the final treatment. I still feel great and I am thankful for it. My recent check showed my PSA at 0.2. I guess you can't get much better than that.”

Mark Wulf - Salem, Oregon

Treated 2006 · Posted 2010

"When I hear of the unbelievable problems that so many others experience, I am so thankful that I chose protons."

Dennis Spurling - Atkinson, New Hampshire

Treated 2009 · Posted 2011

"Two years later my PSA is about .50 and holding."

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

The Bad: I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at a well known medical facility just north of Boston in the fall of 2008. Because I'm interested in my own health, I did a lot of research on treatment options before meeting with my then urologist.

Michael Hecker - Mason, Ohio

Treated 2010 · Posted 2010 · Updated 2010 & 2012

"My proton beam experience was more like a vacation in comparison to my other treatment options."

Ray Kamka - Sun City West, Arizona

Treated 2003 • Posted 2004 

If I have one suggestion it is do your homework. Take some time and do your research. Look at all options and select the one that is best for you.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June of 2003. My PSA went up over 4 years from a 2.8 to a 4.3. My doctor suggested this could be a signal and suggested I see an urologist even though a DRE (digital rectal exam) was normal.

Ed Fancher - Oxnard, California

Treated 2003 • Posted 2004 

"I am so thankful that God directed me to the right place for treatment of my prostate cancer."

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May of 2003 with a Gleason score of 7 and a PSA of 5.7. After carefully considering all options and doing a lot of investigative work, I opted for Proton Radiation at Loma Linda and started treatment in August of 2003.

Bob Powell - Claremont, California

Treated 2000 • Posted 2001 

“The big deciding factor for me was a much better quality of life outcome for treatment by Protons at Loma Linda.”


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"I have not spent one dollar on medicines or follow-up procedures in my 13 years post-proton treatment."
- Wayne Swartz, BOB Member
"You owe it to yourself and to those who love you to safeguard your quality of life. Surgery will not do that ... proton therapy can."
- Jeannie Chase, Spouse
- Warren Johns, BOB member
"15 years have passed since exposure to the penetrating power of the proton and the superb medical skills of the 'beam team.'”
"The procedure was a breeze. It has been 10 years and I feel GREAT.”
- Tom Wright, BOB member
"As long as I live, I will do everything I can to spread the word about proton treatment.”
- Jim Tuggey, BOB member
"I am celebrating 8 years post-treatment with no recurrence, no side effects, and not one more penny for medications."
Robert T. Gore, M.D. F.A.C.O.G.

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Proton Therapy Advantages:

· Less damage to healthy tissue
· Non-invasive, painless

· Outpatient setting
· No recovery time
· Lower chance of recurrence
· Few, if any, side effects

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